Sinead O’Connor Didn’t Try To Kill Herself!

Paul Keeling / Only last month, social media was buzzing with the news that the famous singer, Sinead O’Connor had disappeared, though it was only a matter of hours before the singer was...

Miley Cyrus Snatches A Hollywood Hottie!

s_bukley / At one point it seemed like the two were done for, but now it looks like everything is just getting started for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who are getting married soon, The...

Eva Longoria To Be Married To Pepe Baston

  magicinfoto / As the summer approaches, so does the Hollywood wedding season, and first in line will be the wedding of Eva Longoria and her fiancée José Pepe Baston this...

Mickey Rooney Dead At Age 93

Hollywood is mourning as one of their own historic members passed away in the night. Mickey Rooney spent his life in the entertainment industry, growing up in front of cameras and on movie sets, and he has finally let himself rest at the age of 93

David Letterman Announces His Retirement

David Letterman, the longest 'tenured' late night talk show host in the history of television, is retiring. The funny man has decided to put away the cue cards, put away the suits, and leave the hosting duties to somebody else.