15 Celebrities You Would Never, Ever Want As Neighbors

Justin BieberPhoto credit: Bigstock

A great neighbor is a beautiful thing. From talking over the white picket fence to trading Sunday afternoon barbecuing secrets, having someone next door that is nice and fun to hang out with can be brilliant. When you live next to a celebrity though, simply getting to and from your house can be like trying to navigate an obstacle course littered with giant egos and paparazzi. Here are 15 celebrities who would make absolutely horrific neighbors.

1. Justin Bieber

He’ll race his fancy cars down your street, throw eggs at your front door, terrorize you with clouds of secondhand pot smoke and horrible music (probably his…), and the constant comings and goings of all the sketchy characters he calls his friends will make you want to keep your kids inside 24/7. Even the biggest Belieber would find living next to this teen star turned bad boy an absolute drag.

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