15 Celebrities You Thought Were Dead But Aren’t

The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Red CarpetPhoto credit: Image Collect

Everyone knows that Elvis is dead, right? If he hadn’t died in 1977, he’d probably have a headlining spot at a Las Vegas casino. Tupac Shakur? He’s dead, too. Even though he regularly gives performances in holographic form at concerts. Other celebrities, however, are very much alive and yet the public assumes they’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. Here are some of the most surprising performers and celebrities who haven’t left us yet.

1. Dick Van Dyke

Born in 1925, Dick Van Dyke sports a 70-year acting career, and it’s hard to believe he’s not pushing up daisies. Van Dyke danced into the hearts of millions fifty years ago in Disney’s “Marry Poppins” (yes, “Mary Poppins” came out in 1964), and he’s picked up a slew of acting awards since that landmark film. His acting schedule remains packed for someone who’s nearly 90, with at least one film or television movie released each year.

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