15 Celebs Who Look Freakishly Young For Their Age

bigstock-Elijah-Wood-at-the---FOX-Wi-57135650Photo credit: Bigstock

We know all about the celebs and stars who are aging poorly in Hollywood, but there’s a select group of people who have the problem everyone wants to have: not aging at all! Discover who is aging backwards in Hollywood.

1.Elijah Wood

It’s hard to separate Wood from the almost child-like Lord of the Rings character that he played for so long. The reason for this probably lies in the fact that he’s been on our screens forever, but Elijah Wood looks so young that if you saw him in the street, you’d say, “Wow, you look just like a young Elijah Wood!!” The 33 year old acting boy wonder has been preserved in celluloid since 1989 when he played a video game boy in the mega hit Back to the Future.

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