Chris Brown To Be A Passenger On The Real Life Con Air

LOS ANGELES - FEB 10:  Chris Brown  arrives to the Grammy AwardsPhoto credit: Bigstock
In what can only be seen as a gratifying victory for those that loathe domestic abuse, egotistical morons, and bad pop music–Chris Brown will be going to trial for his latest assault case via con air! The embattled popstar is all set to be picked up by federal marshals and shipped across the country in a federally guarded plane.

The trip won’t be what Chris Brown is used to as there will be no frills and no luxury on the trip. In fact, the flight is set to stop so many times in so many different states that it will take Brown 3 days to arrive at his final destination in Washington D.C.! These scheduled stops are so that the federal marshals can pick up other criminals while on their way.

Chris Brown is on his way to Washington D.C. for a hearing where his lawyer, Mark Geragos, will attempt to make Chris’ life a little easier. Geragos is attempting to get all charges dismissed from his client’s case because he believes that the opposing prosecutors utilized the grand jury in an unfair way to get the upper hand in the criminal case. The hearing is risky for Chris Brown for a variety of reasons. If Geragos is successful, then he will walk, but if Geragos fails then Brown will be sitting in a D.C. jail until his trial starts on April 17th.

Chris Brown has been public enemy #1, in the eyes of the entertainment world, since his violent and vicious beat-down of then-girlfriend, Rihanna. When he assaulted the young female singer he allegedly bit and beat her to a bloody pulp. Not a nice guy. After getting off light, with anger management and probation, Brown kept his nose relatively clean until he was again picked up for assault. This time Chris was caught attacking a man on a sidewalk mere blocks away from the White House. Brown broke the man’s nose and sent him packing to the hospital. If convicted Chris could face up to 6 months in jail.

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