Columbus Short, Star of Scandal, Escapes Assault Charges

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Columbus Short is quickly becoming one of the biggest hotheads in all of Hollywood. The gladiator, and star, of ‘Scandal’, has had multiple run-ins with the law after his explosive temper has brought him to confrontation and then violence on multiple occasions. Whether it was his knocking out of a basketball player at the gym or his explosive beat down of an acquaintance at a friend’s engagement party this past couple of weeks, Short can’t keep his hands to himself. Fortunately for Columbus, and unfortunately for those seeking justice, his latest victim has refused to press charges. The reason? It’s all in the family.

When Columbus Short knocked out a man in a bar at a friend’s engagement party recently, things were looking pretty bad. The victim was knocked out cold and suffered a major concussion to go along with neck and back injuries. These problems say nothing of the facial reconstruction surgery that the victim will need to undergo. Yet, despite all of this damage, the victim is refusing to press criminal charges. The lawyer of the injured man says that Short and the victim are close to the same friends and family and, because of this, want to pursue a more amicable resolution. What’s that you hear underneath the lawyer’s message? Oh yeah, a cash register.

By amicable resolution we are sure that the lawyer and his victim are seeking a hefty cash settlement. The victim will need a ton of money to float hospital bills and surgery fees and then, of course, there is the settlement to keep the whole thing out of the courts. Short, who can’t afford to be tried for another violent outburst, will probably be all too happy to hand the man a blank check.

So while the whole ordeal reeks of injustice, it seems to be the way of it for celebrities prone to violent outbursts. While there is a chance that a criminal case could go forward, the lack of support from the victim will likely stop it from happening. Short is paying for his most recent violence through his checkbook but if he hits the next person just a little bit too hard, or if they fall just the wrong way, he might be paying in a whole new way. For Columbus, his goal should be anger management, not some financial resolution.

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