David Letterman Announces His Retirement

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David Letterman, the longest ‘tenured’ late night talk show host in the history of television, is retiring. The funny man has decided to put away the cue cards, put away the suits, and leave the hosting duties to somebody else.

The King Of Talk made the announced during the taping of one of his shows last week. Letterman informed the audience that he had decided to step away from the show in order to spend more time with his family and that the retirement process will be completed within the next two years. David closed out his announcement in classical Letterman fashion by joking that, finally, he and Paul could get married.

Moments later Johnny Depp took the stage as the first guest of the night. Depp revealed that people backstage were openly weeping. Apparently this retirement announcement was not a surprise to them. This shows just how loved David is by those that he has worked with during his professional career. David will leave behind quite the legacy when he finally steps down.

The Late Show host started his career as a stand-up comic in the 1970s where he toured the late night talk shows like so many of his guests. In the early 80’s he was awarded a morning talk show and by 1982 he had made his transition to his new home, “Late Night with David Letterman”. The rest, as they say, is history.

David will be turning 67 this year and used this as part of his motivation to step down from the show. He states that he has spent half of his life in the entertainment business, made his money and his mark, and is now ready to be a full time father to his son. The retirement is coming at an opportune time as his CBS contract is set to expire in the next year. Rather than going through negotiations with the network, David is simply using the contract expiration as a natural segue to his retired life.

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