Jeremy Piven’s Secret Relationship With A Married Woman Exposed!

Jeremy Piven at the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball to benefit The BaPhoto credit: Bigstock

Whether you know him as the ‘Piv’ or ‘Ari Gold’ or one of his other countless iconic roles, the world is about to know him as more than a little bit pissed off. The ‘Entourage’ star and mega-celebrity has been rumored to be in a hot and heavy relationship with the beautiful Sophie Turner. She’s a tall and beautiful Australian model and he’s a movie star. Perfect, right? Well, it would be if it weren’t for her secret husband!

Sophie Turner was arrested on the 23rd of March for her part in a domestic violence call with her husband Gianmichel Gennari. The fight was allegedly precipitated by the fact that Gianmichele felt emasculated by his wife’s philandering behavior with Piven. The stunning blond was under fire from her husband for wearing ‘sexually provocative’ clothing, abandoning her wedding ring, and hooking up with Jeremy at a hotel in Santa Monica. We can forgive hooking up with Jeremy, the man is amazing, but the first two charges would have any loyal husband livid!

This relationship between Sophie and Piven isn’t a new thing because, apparently, it has roots that go as far back as 2010. Sophie has never denied her knowledge of Jeremy but instead insists that they are just friends. This may be true but they certainly look cozier than that on camera. Paparazzi photos show the two gorgeous people wrapped in each other’s arms all over California.

The fight between the embattled couple apparently got so violent that Sophie left scratch marks all over her husband’s face and chest. She was so rabid, he claims, that she managed to tear his shirt straight off of his body. After police were called on a count of felony domestic violence, Sophie was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her husband and daughter until her case could be heard in court. Sophie’s lawyer was quick to proclaim her client’s innocence though the wording she used was quite questionable. Tiffany Feder, the lawyer, states that “Sophie has…maintained a distinction between her public and private life for the benefit of her family.” Cryptic words for a baffling situation. Is Jeremy Piven a home wrecker or is he just a naive man trapped in a bizarre situation? Who knows.

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