Justin Bieber Deposed! See What He Had To Say About Selena

Justin BieberPhoto credit: CC license by iloveJB123

When you are the Prince of Pop and the biggest thing in pop-culture you tend to be careful how you present yourself in public. However, it seems that Justin Bieber is done caring about how he comes off. The embattled pop star was in the news once again, not just for making out with Selena Gomez at a Texas restaurant, but for his attitude during his disposition.

Justin was court ordered to show up for a deposition relating to a lawsuit lobbied against his bodyguard who allegedly beat up a photographer. Bieber was legally obligated to be at this meeting but his mind and attitude were clearly somewhere else. For over four hours the Canadian born star served up vitriolic answers, plates of contempt, and as much disrespect as he could before storming out of the room with his lawyer.

When asked if Justin had ever disciplined his bodyguard Bieber responded, “Is he my son?” Before laughing and shaking his head. This apparently made the questioning lawyer furious as he turned to a videotape showing the bodyguard and Justin. Asking Justin to view the ‘film’, Justin immediately responded by inciting an argument on semantics: “Is this a film? Really? You said it was a film.”

But Bieber wasn’t just going to throw darts at the opposing lawyer, he made sure to lob a few at people in his own camp. When the lawyer asked Justin if Usher had been the person to discover him, which is rather public knowledge, Justin prefers to ignore the question. Bieber stated: “I was actually discovered on YouTube. I was detrimental to my own career.” Now, Justin may be a world class snark but he probably meant to say that he was “instrumental in his own career.” A Freudian slip, perhaps?

These fireworks were nothing compared to the responses that Justin gave when asked about his on-again-off-again romance, Selena Gomez. When initially asked about the starlet Bieber responds with, “Is this a deposition or an interview?” When the question was lobbied another three times Justin was finally fed up. Bieber, and his lawyer, ripped off their mics and storm out of the interview.

Justin Bieber is evolving before our very eyes. He has gone from the doe eyed pop star to one of the true bad boys in Hollywood.

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