LeBron Tries His Hand At Rapping With Hilariously Bad Results

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‘The King’, as LeBron James is referred to by his most ardent fans, is no stranger to flow and rhythm. On the court he seems to be entrenched in the rhythm of the game and incapable of making big mistakes. Perhaps it gave him an advantage when he joined his childhood friend, and rapper, Sian Cotton in the recording booth. The two were working out in their gym, and shooting the basketball around, when LeBron reportedly decided on a whim to “record something”. Sian said that he had a studio session that night and before long the two were laying down verses in the booth.

While Sian Cotton is a new rapper to the game, having just released his mixtape, he was more than willing to share his burgeoning spotlight with the NBA star. What followed was a verse riddled with the sort of boasts that only the King of the NBA could proclaim. LeBron had reportedly been working on some writing for awhile and was eager to show it off in the booth. His verse covered all of the standard rap game basics: money, yachts, cribs, and whips. James boasted about “docking his yacht off the coast of France” and dropped a line about the two championship rings he possesses, which must feel good.

We aren’t so sure that LeBron is seriously considering a career change just yet, but LBJ has shown that he has the confidence (arrogance?) to try something new even when there is the probability of failure and ridicule. So props to LeBron on that front. Miami Heat fans, however, probably wish the man would spend more time trying to get Dwyane Wade, his Heat co-star, to play in back-to-back games as they head towards their third title opportunity.

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