Looks Like Johnny Depp Is Going Through An Ugly Divorce

shutterstock_77049172Photo credit: Andrey Bayda / Shutterstock.com

We’ve all been in love with Johnny Depp at some point in our lives, but apparently the actor isn’t what he used to be. Hollywood gossip is buzzing about Depp’s address to the media in which he basically stated that he can’t wait for his extremely short marriage with Amber Heard to be over.

The gorgeous couple, despite the age difference, relished in the Hollywood spotlight, but their relationship hit the rocks the moment they said their wows. Nobody quite knows what exactly happened between the two, and Depp’s spokesperson was very curt, leaving no room for questions.

What we do know is that Amber wasn’t to the liking of Johnny’s family, and they weren’t afraid to show it. Depp neglected their opinion and married his fellow actress anyway. In addition, there are rumors that Heard almost didn’t make it down the isle, because she got cold feet, but the wedding happened anyway, even though the marriage was ridiculously short-lived.

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