Mickey Rooney Dead At Age 93

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Hollywood is mourning as one of their own historic members passed away in the night. Mickey Rooney spent his life in the entertainment industry, growing up in front of cameras and on movie sets, and he has finally let himself rest at the age of 93. The man, known for so many fantastic roles, passed away from natural causes. Rooney had been ill for a long time and it seems that his years had finally caught up with him. But, before he left, Rooney was sure to leave a ton of fantastic memories for his friends, fans, and family.

Mickey Rooney is possibly the most storied child actor in the history of the art form. He is known primarily for his role as Andy Hardy which he portrayed over a dozen times. Parlaying young success is not always an easy thing for Hollywood actors but Rooney did it with panache. For his role in Strike Up the Band in 1940, Mickey became the first Oscar nominated teenager. Not bad for being a kid, right? Mr. Rooney didn’t stay a kid, though, as his exploits brought him into the arms of some of show businesses most beautiful women.

Rooney was lucky enough to share the screen with some of the biggest bombshells in cinematic history. He co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet and then with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as well as teaming up with the incomparable Judy Garland for Babes In Arms. It seems that Rooney got a taste for this attraction early and it followed him throughout his dating life. The Hollywood star was married over 8 times and it seems that this family turnover caught up with him later on in his life. Rooney sued, and won, a $2.8 million claim against his step-son because of elderly abuse and accused his step-son of stealing money from his private accounts.

Though Rooney ended his time on this Earth while being engulfed in family issues, he will never be forgotten for the enjoyment he offered to many generations of film goers. Whether you followed his work in the ’50s or in 2011, when he starred in ‘The Muppets’ reboot, he always had a way of making fans smile.

Rest in peace, Mr. Rooney.

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