New Custody Battle Wages Over Paul Walker’s Daughter

When Paul Walker passed away it left the world in stunned silence. Fans did not know how to react, and why should they? Paul had always been one of the quiet and dependable celebrities that you expect to be around for decades at a time, before vanishing into a life of relaxation with his loved ones.


When Zac Efron mysteriously broke his jaw last year and ended up in rehab, the world thought that they had seen the hunky actor at his rock bottom. While rehab is definitely no joke, perhaps this was not the truth.

Shaquille O’Neal In Hot Water After Punching Man At Turner Studios

Shaquille O'Neal, or just 'Shaq', is one of the most popular sports analysts on the face of the planet. Whether television producers are using his looming 7 foot frame for physical comedy or simply turning Shaq loose on set to say whatever he wants, he pulls in the ratings.

Stalker Breaks Into Kardashian Home, Confronts Kim!

When the Kardashians make the headlines there is typically a very good reason. Whether Kim is putting someone on blast or Khloe is snagging media attention for her boy problems, life as Kardashian is lived in the public spotlight.

Actor James Rebhorn, Star Of Homeland, Is Dead

James Rebhorn was a working actor for the last 5 decades. His face is known by most people with even a passing interest in television or film, though his name never quite became household.