16 Reality TV Celebs Who Have Made It Big

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When reality shows began to take the world by storm, everyone wanted a piece of the action. Celebrities with waning careers, like Ozzy Osbourne, were hoping that allowing cameras to follow them around all day would resurrect their popularity. Competition shows like “Survivor,” “”Fear Factor,” “American Idol” and a host of others began popping up all over network and cable television overnight. Some of these shows were short-lived, and some still remain filming today, but the question is, of all these shows that came and went, how many of these participants managed to turn their fifteen minutes into actual careers?

1. Jacinda Barrett

“The Real World: London”: After moving out of “The Real World” house in London, Barrett landed modeling jobs and roles in movies and television series including “Suits” and “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.”

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