Rich Celebrities Who Live Like Paupers

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We’ve all read the articles about celebrities who’ve blown through millions and millions of dollars only to end up with nothing. Before you think that all of Hollywood is like that, you should know that there are many celebrities who live quite frugally. Check out this list of Hollywood’s 15 most financially responsible celebrities.

1. Tyra Banks

The supermodel/supermogul’s net worth may be approaching 100 million dollars, but you’d never know it by the way that she manages her life. Thanks to being raised by a single mother who was disciplined about money, Banks handles her money like a pro. She’s an avid saver, and goes out of her way to make sure that she is able to take care of herself for the rest of her life, no matter what happens. She goes out of her way to help other women put themselves in charge of their financial lives as well. In other words, she’s fabulous on the inside and out.

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