Sinead O’Connor Didn’t Try To Kill Herself!

shutterstock_202504726Photo credit: Paul Keeling /

Only last month, social media was buzzing with the news that the famous singer, Sinead O’Connor had disappeared, though it was only a matter of hours before the singer was found safe and sound. Yesterday, the Dublin police tipped off the Chicago PD that O’Connor was on one of their city bridges, ready to take her own life, according to a report from US Weekly.

It looks like this was a false alarm, as the singer came out last night with a strong Facebook status about how she is ecstatic because Ireland isn’t a part of Great Britain anymore and she wholeheartedly, if crudely, congratulated the Irish people on their freedom. In the same post she commented that she was definitely not suicidal and that someone simply decided to put out some bad gossip when the false information about O’Connor standing on the bridge went public.

The celebrity singer ended her status by saying that she is at this time to happy about Ireland to do anything that could end up causing her harm.

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