Teresa & Joe Giudice’s Prison Sentence Request Should Be Granted

LOS ANGELES - MAY 12:  Teresa Giudice at The Cable Show 2010 "AnPhoto credit: Bigstock

The Guidice family, best known for the table tossing antics of matriarch Teresa on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, remain in a pot of boiling pasta water. The Guidice couple are being charged with 41 counts of fraud. The couple had requested that they have separate trials, a request that was denied by the judge. Instead, the couple has taken a plea deal, which includes their admission of guilt for failing to pay federal income taxes, bankruptcy fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud. Even with this plea deal, it appears that both Juicy Joe and Teresa will end up with jail time. Joe is expected to spend up to 46 months in prison, while Teresa is expected to get 21 to 27 months in lock-up.

The Guidice family has four young children all under the age of 13. Therefore, it is likely that the Guidices and their lawyer Miles Feinstein will take this to the judge and request that they endure separate prison terms. Their lawyer is expected to go to the judge, who has granted such terms in the past, with this special request. If the judge grants the Guidice’s request, it will ensure that their four children aren’t left in foster homes or with extended family during the duration of the Guidices prison terms.

While you may not have agreed with the way the Guidices flaunted their wealth for the cameras at Bravo, most of us would agree that their children should not have to suffer long term, negative effects due to their parents’ actions. Having parents who spend money like they are royalty when they are in fact broke, and ending up in prison because of it, will have enough of an effect on these children. Maybe the next time the Guidices decide to lie about their income when taking out loans, they will be able to set a positive example for their children by making the honest choice. Of course, as long as one of the two are out of prison, they will continue to run the Guidice family businesses, which include the Bayway World of Liquors Fabellini line of drinks, a pizza parlor, a laundry mat and the cookbook sales of “Fabulicious! On the Grill” by Teresa.

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