The 15 Most Requested Celebrity Body Parts For Plastic Surgery

LOS ANGELES - JAN 30: Natalie Portman arrives at The 17th AnnualPhoto credit: Bigstock

When it comes to plastic surgery, many people bring pictures of their favorite celebrities to their plastic surgeons so that the doctor can copy specific looks or features. Certain celebrity feature requests turn up again and again in plastic surgeons offices, so much so that they’re given names like “The Natalie Nose” or “Angelina Lips.” Listed below are some of the most requested celebrity features and body parts.

1. Natalie Portman: Nose

The nose is one of the easiest to change bust most frustrating parts of the facial anatomy. If you take a bunch of noses and try them out on a single person, that person will look completely different with each nose, so it’s clear that the shape of the nose is important. One of the most requested noses by people seeking plastic surgery is Natalie Portman’s schnozz. It’s not too long and not too squat. For many people, it’s considered the perfect nose to balance out the face.

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