Zac Efron FIERCELY Defends His Sobriety

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For one of Hollywood’s most attractive, and talented, young stars, Zac Efron sure seems to bring his fair share of controversy to the tabloids. Previously the star of the hit film, ‘High School Musical’, Zac Efron has seemed to dwindle before our very eyes as his battle with drug addiction appears to have taken its toll. When Efron was thrown into rehab last year for a cocaine addiction, the gossip world waited with bated breath to see how the man would return to the spotlight. Efron came back looking alright but was quickly back into the spotlight after getting in a melee on Skid Row in L.A., a drug addled part of town. Now the spotlight is shining hotter than ever and the young Efron doesn’t appreciate it.

Friends that are close to Zac seem to have more than their fair share of things to say about the embattled star. A source close to the celebrity says that Efron never truly attended rehab and that, instead of going to a facility, merely received therapy while at a friends home. Any help is a good thing, but motivational talks from friends does not do the same thing as a full rehab stint. Whether or not this latest rumor is true, those close to Zac had better not mention it to the man. Rumor has it that Zac is completely in denial about the destructive path he has been walking. Zac does not appear to genuinely believe he has a problem or is on the wrong road. Any friends that bring up their opinion, or try to offer help, are reportedly cut out of his life forever. So much for an equal relationship, right?

While there is no saying exactly what is going on in the young celebrity’s life, it will be an interesting event to monitor. While stars come and go all of the time, it is sort of rare to watch one with Efron’s potential fade before our very eyes. It’s true that Zac has all of the qualities that comprise a long and successful career, but if he is careening onto a destructive path due to addiction and lack of composure…There isn’t much anyone can do.

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